Two Valleys Art Circle

Mirella Bandini, ceramicist, Moira Baumbach, printmaker, Allan Green, painter, and Suzy Moger, abstract artist, formed Two Valleys Art Circle in response to a desire to connect with other working artists.

At their core is the belief that sharing skills and knowledge, experience and creative ideas is as much a part of the group’s purpose as the opportunity to exhibit together. They feel that they have much to offer and much to learn from each other. They welcome the opportunity to share techniques and facilities, supporting each member’s own creative development.

The group recognise that artists often work in isolation and can benefit from contact and dialogue with like-minded folk, with an interest in the history of art globally and a willingness to learn from art and artists both contemporary and from the past.

The experience of being an artist is an ongoing and sometimes lonely process, there are moments of self-doubt. Having the support of a group strengthens the individuals within it and provides new opportunities to keep growing creatively.