Suzy Moger


Suzy is a painter based in the Bride Valley.  Her work uses distinct mark-making and a bold palette to explore diverse subject matter.


This series use colour and the versatility of oil paint to examine a sense of place. The view in these semi-abstract scenes including The Water-Cradle and the Earth Support, Towards the Surface and other works in the ‘Surfacing’ series examine our relationship with the environment, often from a distance, or beyond, looking back towards land.

Bad Dog Paintings

The use of signs and symbols as a shorthand to express information or convey a message is central to Suzy’s current work. This series of abstract mixed-media work is concerned with considering contemporary political issues through the use of symbols and mark-making. 

No Use Going in This Direction andKeep Quiet are pieces which examine barriers and borders; displacement and systemic incarceration in our contemporary world.

Different signs and symbols, as a way of communicating through an image, have played a part in the development of these paintings. They began as a response to a set of symbols known as the ‘Hobo Code’ which was used during the Great Depression in the United States as a way to Indicate to fellow travellers how they may be received at a particular home or establishment.


These figurative paintings are an exploration of the experience of the pregnant body and the unpregnant body. They consider questions about how our society views, judges, examines and ignores the different stages of a woman’s body. Vessel i and ii and The Glyph are included in this exhibition.

Suzy strongly believes that art is for everyone and that finding a personal creative outlet is a powerful way to explore and express oneself. She is currently working on a series of workshops which are primarily focused on mark-making and the use of creative art practice to explore expression, aiming to encourage those who may not have confidence to express themselves through the visual arts.

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